Solves the 3 major issues bags have today.

Danish design and danish craftmanship. Designed and handmade by Peter Spore in Nørrebro, Copenhagen.

Made by certified vegetable tanned leather, eco friendly, high quality and long lasting, made with tradition at the legendary Conceria Walpier tannery in Tuscany, Italy.

Stitchless design - no glue or stitching. Just cleverly folded leather. Inspired by Japanese Origami.

Replaceable front which can be replaced. Eg. Red bag with green front, or orange bag with yellow front. Over 6000 different color combinations!

High quality solid cast brass that lasts forever. Only gets more beautiful with time - just like the bag.

Each bag comes individualized with a unique serial number stamped into the bag.

Pocket inside the bag to keep things organized.

Adjustable shoulder strap. Can be worn crossbody or as a shoulder bag. Strap inspired by horse harnesses - made to last!

Surprisingly fast delivery.

A loyal companion that will last you a lifetime.

Who is Peter Spore?

I'm an Automation Engineer, programming and building robots. A big contrast to one of the oldest craftmanships in the world.

One day I needed a new belt. So I made one. But I'm a perfectionist. So I made 10 more.

I then needed a new wallet. So I made one. But I'm a perfectionist. So I made 10 more.

Over the years I have perfected my craftmanship, and am now ready to sell my products.

A loyal companion for life

The PS Origami Bag is stitchless and glueless. That means a longer life time.

Made of eco friendly Vegetable Tanned Leather from Tuscany, Italy and inspired by Japanese Origami.

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Each bag comes individualized with a unique number

Personalization is free. If you want a special date, number, initials, coordinates etc. stamped into the bag, just contact PS Copenhagen on Instagram.

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Perfect size

Can be worn crossbody.

Adjustable strap.

Lots of room for all your daily belongings.

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danish design leather bag. Handmade in Copenhagen, Denmark. Vegetable Tanned leather, stitchless. Created with great craftsmanship, artisan made. Unique minimalistic design. Designed by Peter Spore. PS Handmade leather Copenhagen. PS Copenhagen.

90% of all leather products are not eco friendly.

Why do none of the big companies mention it? What kind of leather do big companies usually use? They most likely use chrome tanned leather. PS Copenhagen only uses Vegetable tanned leather.

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Why choose PS Copenhagen?

  • Quality above all.

    With quality in mind, the product quality superseeds any other thing that might seem important. A bag will last you a lifetime, if taken care of properly.

  • Eco friendly leather

    PS Copenhagen uses only certified vegetable tanned leather, which is not harmful for the environment, and which is a biproduct of the meat industry. No animal is ever killed for its leather.

  • Personal

    PS Copenhagen is a personal brand. You can write directly to me on Instagram, and I will be happy to start a conversation about any wishes you have.

  • Unique

    Each bag is made one by one. No factory or production lines. Everything is made by hand, which makes the product unique in it's own way. The delivery and shipping is surprislingly fast though.